Reduce stress with flowers!

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Latest News | 0 comments

The Mellano Farm Stand is not only abundant with farm fresh produce that will keep your body healthy…it also has beautiful farm fresh flowers that can help improve your mental health!


According to a survey by Wakefield Research, 68 percent of people feel stress on a weekly basis, and 32 percent are stressed every day. Women are affected, as 1 in 4 report experiencing stress multiple times a day. With so many sources of stress today – you can probably relate to a constant state of frenzy.

Research from the University of North Florida shows that flowers can help. The findings show that people who lived with flowers in their homes for just a few days reported a significant decrease in their levels of stress and improvements in their moods.

These new findings support other behavioral research studies conducted by researchers at universities including Harvard, Rutgers and Texas A&M that demonstrate flowers’ ability to make people happy, strengthen feelings of compassion, foster creativity and even provide a boost of energy.

Give yourself some joy today! Come grab a colorful bunch of Mellano Farm Stand flowers for your home and it will brighten your day and will help you focus on the positives!